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NOW OFFERING CUSTOM TATTOO DESIGN through our main site Lauriehumble.com !!

Want to know more about custom tattoo design? Here's how it works!

Been thinking about a tattoo, but are unsure about what you want? We can create custom tattoo designs just for you! You will receive 2 temporary tattoos of your design so you can try it out before making it permanent. We will also email you a printable file of your finished design that can be taken to your tattoo artist. You can order additional temporary tattoos of your design at any time. Get yours now!

AsIfTattooed.com Temporary Tattoos

Unique temporary tattoos designed by a classic artist with an amazing ability for detail and style. Not your old school fake tattoo, we offer original realistic temporary tattoo designs are hand drawn and painted to achieve an amazingly authentic As If you were Tattooed look. Use them as fun accessories to complete a look, to fool family or friends, or to try out a tattoo design, style or placement before deciding to get permanently inked. As If Tattooed's designs let you have the look without having to make a permanent decision.

Realistic temporary tattoos by Laurie Humble are the perfect fashion accessories to let you express your personal style. Whether you chose a tattoo design that is pretty, fun, cool or sexy you will be ready for an elegant affair, a night on the town, a raging party or an intimate encounter with someone special.

All the fun of a real tattoo without the commitment.

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As If Tattooed is a subsidiary of Laurie Humble, LLC