Frequently Asked Questions

I placed an order! When will I get it?

We normally ship your tattoo order out within 48 hours after it’s placed. We ship via USPS which typically runs 2-5 business days. For international orders, transit time can take up to 15 business days for most countries.

Since our products are made to order, by hand, please allow 5-10 days for production on all clothing orders.

 Once you have received your parcel, please open it with care. We cannot be liable for any items damaged during the opening of your parcel.

How much is shipping?

 Tattoos and clothing will be shipped separately. 

We offer free shipping in the US for all orders!! Shipping to Canada is now free for all orders $ 40 and over.

Shipping for International orders is price based as follows,

$0-$4.99 = $3.00                        $5.00 – $39.99 =$6.00             $40.00 – $100.00=$10.00

$100.01 – $150.00=$15.00        $150.01 – $200.00=$20.00      $200.01 – $250.00=$25.00

$250.01 – $300.00=$30.00        $300.01 – $350.00=$35.00      $350.01 – $400.00=$40.00
$400.01 – $450.00=$45.00        $450.01 and up=$50.00

As If Tattooed is not responsible for any international customs fees.

 Are As If Tattooed temporary tattoo products safe?

Our tattoos are made of two layers of CE approved medical grade adhesive, with non-toxic ink sandwiched in-between, keeping the ink from coming in contact with the skin. During our months of product trials, we spoke with ink manufacturers, printers, health professionals, and a chemist about the safety of my products. All concluded that there would be no more concern than applying any other type of sticker to your skin.  We do recommend using the small test tattoo that came with your order to ensure that you do not have a sensitivity to the adhesive.

How do I apply and remove my tattoo?

It is simple and quick, for the best results please go to our tips page for detailed instructions before applying. 

How long will my tattoo last?

Most tattoos will last anywhere from 2 days to 5 days, with some lasting as long as 2 weeks depending on placement and conditions. Avoid clothing contact and rubbing for the first 12-24 hrs.

My tattoo looks shiny, not real. Why? 

Our special tattoos develop over the first 10-12 hours as they dry and naturally lose their shine. To reduce the initial shine, lightly dust your tattoo with a cosmetic translucent powder (not baby powder), or once dry you can apply an oil free moisturizer or anti-chaffing powder gel.

Is there anything I can do to make my tattoo last longer?

Always apply to dry, non-moisturized skin for best adhesion.

To get the longest life from your tattoo, we recommended allowing it to lose its shine naturally over the first day, adding nothing except a light dusting of powder if desired.

Where is the best place to apply your tattoo?

You can apply your As If Tattooed art anywhere you like! However, placing them on bending areas, such as elbows and wrists, can shorten the life of the tattoo.Tattoos are not recommended for placement near the eyes or any sensitive areas.

What is the biggest size tattoo available? 

Each tattoo is offered is offered in 3-4 sizes ranging from 3-10 inches. Tattoos 2 inches and under are offered in sets. Partial sleeve tattoos-coming soon!

What if I want to buy a bunch of tattoos?

Great! Tattoo sets are available for personal use, parties, weddings (favors and bachelorette/stag functions), or any other event you like. You can even schedule a tattoo booth (The As If Tattooed Parlor) for events if they are taking place in the Houston, TX area. Please contact us for more information and pricing.

Do you make custom tattoos?

Yes, absolutely! As If Tattooed is a subsidiary of Laurie Humble, LLC. Custom orders can be placed with Laurie here!

There are a few existing tattoo designs that can be ordered with names, for example our wedding and party tattoos.  

I own a shop, store or boutique, can I sell your tattoos?

Of Course! We would be happy to work with you! Please contact us for wholesale information and pricing.

I have a great idea for a tattoo! Can I send it to you?

Sure! If you have a design you would like to see available on As If, by all means shoot us an email. We would love to include your idea!

How do I know what size clothing to order?

 Please refer to our sizing charts below

Kimono size chart

Kimono Robe


Bust up to 37”

Back neck to Bottom Hem 32”


37” +



Draped Kimono


up to 37”



37” +


All measurements in accordance with US Standard Sizing