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About Temporary Tattooes

After spending many years as a professional artist and art instructor, selling my paintings, art books and videos, I began dreaming of new ways to create designs.

I often had colleagues approach me with different projects they wanted done, from murals to book illustrations. Then one day someone asked me to design a large and complicated tattoo for them to take to their tattoo artist for permanent inking.

"Choosing one design for the rest of your life is a huge, permanent commitment and can be a daunting task."

I suggested trying it out first as a "temporary tattoo", and my new business idea was born.

Months of research and product trials ensued. All As If Tattooed temporary tattoos are designed, produced and packaged by me, to ensure the highest quality, realism, and durability.

On a mission to produce beautiful, realistic, mini works of art that can be worn on a daily basis, I design all of ourĀ As If Tattooed temporary tattoos with creative adults in mind. They are fashionable, fun, flexible accessories. Fashions change, and so can your body art.

Our tattoos are safe, and best of all, not a lifelong commitment! So whether you are looking for an accessory to wear to your next party or event, an every-day design, or a tat to try before getting permanently inked, we have you covered.

New As If Tattooed designs are added weekly so please check back often.

For general inquiries, please email or call 832-521-8289. If you have a design you would like to see, shoot us an email. We would love to incorporate your designs ideas!

- Laurie Humble, Founder and CEO ("Creative Enterprising Original")