5 Cool and Unusual Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Laurie Humble



Filling Christmas stockings is a fun, time-honored tradition for many families. Finding unique little gifts that will be appreciated and are reasonably priced can be a challenge. For those who seek something new and different to add to this years’ stockings, Etsy can be a great place to start hunting. The following is a list of my top five favorites for this year.

    1. As If Tattooed.com temporary tattoos - from $3.99

    These beautifully packaged temporary tattoos make great little gifts. They are available as singles or in pre-packaged sets, with loads of great designs to choose from. There are lots of choices on the Etsy site,


    But to see the full collection of designs, products, and sale promotions head on over to the main site.


    The main site offers free US shipping for all orders of $15 or more so you can stock up and fill all the stockings on your fireplace! New products and designs are frequently added. Coming soon, in time for the holidays, are nail decals and a clothing line!


    1. Galaxy soap bar -$8.99


    These handmade soaps have an out of this world look! This shop offers a wide variety of designs and scent options.



    1. I love you a latte spoon - $16


    This shop offers vintage silver plated hand stamped spoons. They offer a variety of stamped products, with lots of different sayings. Check them out!



    1. Flavored Toothpicks -   $5.95

    This shop sells flavored toothpicks which come in cute sliding tins. With over a hundred flavor options, from root beer to cheesecake you are bound to find a few you want to try. They also have a few really unusual flavors such as fireworks and breast milk. I’m not convinced to try that last one but the rest sound great!


             5.Coin Ring -from  $24.00

    If you are in search of a unique gift for men (or women), these handmade rings crafted form coins look awesome! They offer lots of different options for your holiday giving.





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