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3 Reasons To Consider Temporary Tattoos

Posted by Laurie Humble on

Just like permanent ink, temporary tattoos can range from subtle, even work-appropriate designs, to fun and edgy styles fit for a concert or night out. Designed by artists to look authentic, today's temporary tattoos look more real than ever. Like costume jewelry, they make great fashion accessories for women, men and teens.
1. A temporary tattoo is not a permanent decision.
While they can last a week or more, they can be easily removed at any time. Choosing a design that lasts a lifetime can be daunting. Temporary tattoos are a terrific way to try body art, different designs and styles, as well as placement, before getting irreversibly inked. They also make a perfect addition to costumes and fashion statements for specific occasions or events.
2. No pain, only gain.
Intrigued by the tattoo look and culture, but afraid of the needle? Temporary tattoos provide the look of a real tattoo without the pain and carry no risk of infection. Nothing breaks the skin or enters the body. Today's temporary tattoos are made of very thin layers of medical grade adhesive, similar to that on a bandage. The ink that creates the design is sandwiched between the layers of adhesive. While some people can have an allergic reaction to adhesive in the form of a slight irritation or redness, temporary tattoos are generally pose no more threat than a band aid.
3. Temporary tattoos are inexpensive.
Real tattoos are time consuming and expensive. While your tattoo artist is a talented, well-trained professional who deserves to be paid for his or her time and expertise, not everyone who has an interest has the expendable funds. A small real tattoo might cost $300, while most single temporary tattoos are less that $5. One could have the versatility of 60 or more temporary tattoo designs, or just one permanent choice for the same price. offers lots of designs and styles to choose from! Check back often as new designs are added weekly! Don't forget to sign up for updates and discount promotions!

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