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One Quick Way To Dress Up A Simple Manicure

Posted by Laurie Humble on

Nail Tattoos!

There are lots of available nail decal choices on the market. We have three great sets at As If They are thin and easy to use. You can also use them with any clear or colored nail polish, although they look best on lighter colors.







Our Birds and Blooms Set includes 1 sheet of 6 different designs with a total of 78 decals.













Our Edgy Nail Tattoo Set includes 1 sheet of 6 different designs with a total of 120 decals.







Our Art and Music Set includes 1 sheet of 5 different designs with a total of 87 decals. 

To Apply: Make sure your nails are clean and dry. Nail Tattoos can be applied to bare nails or on top of polish. They can also be applied to acrylic or press on nails.

First, cut out your decal close to image using sharp scissors. Slowly remove the clear plastic backing without touching adhesive. Decide on placement. Carefully press the image side (sticky side) firmly to your nail.  Press down on tattoo with wet sponge, cotton ball or swab to fully soak the tattoo. Soak 30 seconds or until the paper backing starts to slide away. Gently slide paper off tattoo and allow to dry. If decal exceeds nail tip, gently file away excess once dry. Then just top with a protective coat of clear polish.

Your nail tattoo will last till your next manicure. They easily remove with nail polish remover.



All of our nail tattoos are tiny versions of some of our most popular temporary tattoo designs. Don’t forget to pair your nails with a matching tattoo or something from our line of tattoo inspired clothing!

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